Webinar Acción Climática

Leveraging Open Data in the Fight Against Climate Change: How OGP Commitments Can Help Accelerate Subnational Climate Action

The webinar will now take place on Wednesday, June 6th at 9:30 AM – 10:45 AM. MDT
National governments and civil society are increasingly looking to cities to play a role in the global fight against climate change. However, as more and more cities embark on the journey to a low-carbon future, they are running into the same, pervasive problem: missing data. In particular, cities are missing the emissions-related data that they need to plan fact-based policies, engage stakeholders in a substantive manner, and transparently monitor progress over time. Meanwhile, national governments are already collecting the data cities need, but it is neither available nor scaled to fit cities’ needs.
Through a conversation with city climate and sustainability officials, this webinar will begin by exploring the data challenges cities face when designing and monitoring their climate and low-carbon development strategies. Considering the example of a new open data initiative in Denmark, the discussion will then delve into the open government solutions that can help cities implement transparent and accountable climate plans, while improving the transparency of emissions-related data at the national level.

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